Top tips to avoid a running injury

With another Brooks Running Surf Coast Trail Marathon on the horizon, we thought it might be a good time to check in with our partners at Torquay Sports Medicine Centre, to get some advice on how to stay uninjured coming into the run, along with a few tips about blisters and shin splints - the scourge of runners!

Did you know that returning to running (or rapidly increasing your mileage) after an extended lay-off brings with it a big risk of developing an injury in the first 6 weeks?

Follow these tips to reduce the chance of becoming a broken runner! 

Achilles pain

Running is fantastic for the body. It helps you feel good and the evidence has shown that it is great for your joints (yep…even your knees!), bones, heart and lungs. Unfortunately, Achilles pain in runners is quite common. 

Our friends at Torquay Sports Medicine Centre love seeing runners getting active, hitting PBs and STAYING active. Check out their 5 top tips for runners to prevent achilles tendon pain/injuries HERE.

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Blister Prevention & Treatment

This one’s a biggie at Surf Coast given the sandy stretches and potential for wet feet. Check out how to avoid blisters HERE.

And if it’s too late - you already have one - check how to best treat them HERE.

Shin Splints

While the trails of Surf Coast are pretty soft an forgiving, shin splints can still happen if you have come back too quickly. Find out how to beat shin splints and run pain free HERE.

So what socks to wear to prevent blisters? Check out the advice from Maddy, from Torquay Sports Medicine Centre:

For more sports med advice, connect with the cool crew at Torquay Sports Medicine, they know what they’re talkin’ ‘bout!