NOTE: THIS IS A CUP-FREE EVENT! There will be no cups supplied at aid stations on course or at the finish, in line with our, the Surf Coast Shire and Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee’s environmental stewardship. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN hydration receptacles – hydropack, hand held bottles, water belt, collapsible cup…

What are the rules?

  • Run forwards on the course (although if you run backwards the entire way, we’ll think you are very special)

  • No biting, scratching, punching, kicking, and definitely no tripping, okay?

  • Don’t litter – this one’s serious. We’ll do all of the above to you if we find you doing that. Seriously, if you drop your gel wrapper, pick the damn thing up – the environment is way more important than your time. We’re tree huggers as well as runners. Don’t mess with this rule. We’ll disqualify your ass if caught.

  • Be courteous to fellow trail runners (they’re a nice bunch)

  • Use toilets provided at start line, transition areas and finish line. There are a few public loos along the route, provided for walkers of the Surf Coast Walk – feel free to use them, too. Just not in the bush, okay? Some decorum, please…

  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign an indemnity form at registration. If you are younger than 16 we’ll need to see some proof that you are a gun at these distances.

  • Please follow the signs along the course. It will be well signposted along the trail. Don’t take any shortcuts – even on switchbacks (talkin’ to you Kilian Jornet)

  • Keep to the left of the trail to allow faster runners to overtake

  • Wear your number plate at all times on the outermost garment

  • YOU MUST tell an official or volunteer marshal if you are pulling out of the event due to injury or feeling unwell so we can notify the timing company and not have to search for you on the course.

  • If a marshall requests you to do something (okay, within reason – sensible things), please follow their instructions. They are there to help you not hinder, so whatever it is they are asking, there is good reason. Thank them.

  • Smile. You’re doing this for fun, remember.

  • Be nice to yourself. You’re a legend for just getting out there.

  • No whinging if it’s cold and wet. It’s winter. Suck it up.

  • Road runners: whilst this is an ‘easy ‘ trail marathon course, there are short sections of earth that do approach the meaning of ‘incline’…suck it up. They are but pimples on this home we call earth. Beautiful pimples with great views, usually.


When do I receive my bib number?

We will not be posting out number plates and it is your responsibility to attend Registration/Bib pick up on:

  • Friday, 28th June 1-8pm, at 1pm–8pm Event Registration, THE HAPPY RUNNER LOCATION: 1/15 Bell Street Torquay, VIC, Phone: (03) 5264 6196.

  • Saturday 29th June, Start Line, as above, Torquay 6am-8am

  • Saturday, 29th June, Point Addis Half Mara start, Pt Addis Rd, 9.30-10.30am

If you are unable to make Registration please contact us on to organise picking up your number plate at the start line on Saturday morning.

Will there be a pre event briefing?

Yes there will be a 15 min briefing to all competitors at the start line for each race. So for the marathon race, be at the start line 30 mins before (at 8am) for a pre race briefing in Torquay and for the half marathon be at Point Addis by 10.30am ready for your start briefing.

Do you have a map of the course? 

Yes: click here for Google Map

Elevation profile?

Don’t get scared  - it looks mean, but the scale of the image is such that we’re talking pimples of hillocks. Nothing to worry about. approx 900m elevation across the full marathon. Approx half that for the half. Convenient that. (So if you are looking for the elevation profile of the half marathon, simply put your hand over your left eye, and train your right eye on that dip between 20.0km and 22.0km. Then let your right eye wander towards the right…. that half of the diagram is the elevation for the half mara!).

It’s not the elevation you have to worry about at #SCTM … it’s the king tide. How’s your freestyle?

It’s not the elevation you have to worry about at #SCTM … it’s the king tide. How’s your freestyle?

Do I have to carry any compulsory items?

YES. Mandatory is at least one water receptacle of 500ml. That can be a handheld, belt or backpack. This is in the interests of trying to keep a lid on the cup usage and environmental factors (so if cups run out, please, no complaints. If water runs out, okay, thats something to have a crack at us about!). Otherwise, just your number plate attached to your outermost garment. As the course is signposted and near civilisation, it is not mandatory to carry a first aid kit or space blanket. If possible we prefer runners to carry a mobile phone. If you do not carry on, please ensure you have yours on you and turned on after the race should we need to contact you. 

Will you have first aid available on the course?

Yes there will be first aid available to you. We will have Endurance Medical Services aid marshals at the start line, at the half way mark/half marathon start/teams transition (Point Addis) and at the finish line (the Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club has a substantial first aid room). EMS  also has roving first aiders able to get in to most of the course quickly – most if not all the EMS staff re trail runners and endurance athletes themselves – so they know their stuff and understand what you as runners are going through – you are in the best of hands. 

What happens if I get injured on the course and unable to finish?

  • Please notify an event marshal or volunteer so we can get the relevant first aid to you. If you don’t have a mobile phone and you injure yourself, please tell someone on the course to notify the nearest volunteer/event staff so we can organize first aid to you.

  • We will notify timing and classify your result as DNF – Did Not Finish.

  • Please make sure you notify event staff if you pull out of the race due to injury or feeling unwell so we don’t waste resources in looking for you on the course.

  • The Race Director/s mobile phone will be on the back of the number plate if you are carrying a mobile phone and need medical attention in an emergency.

  • If you are a runner and you find someone injured on course, ascertain if they need you to stay with them. If they do, wait for the next runner and tell them to keep going on course and notify the first marshall. If they do not need you to stay with them, please run on and notify the first marshall on course.

Am I likely to get lost?

The Surf Coast Trail Marathon is conducted on the signposted Surf Coast Walk. There will be both Surf Coast Walk markers and dedicated Surf Coast Trail Marathon signs and ribbon positioned along the course with sufficient course markings. No, you won’t get lost. Ocean to the left, head south west. 

I’m a caffeine fiend and will likely get disorientated without a fix, what should I do?

We too are caffeine freaks so we understand your predicament. It is totally legal to duck off course and grab a Piccalo. It is NOT legal to then grab a ride of course. Keep runnin with that caffeine high.

The great thing about this run is that you are very rarely far from a decent coffee. We will have coffee at the start and midway / half marathon start (Point Addis). But there are plenty of great spots en route for you (or more likely your support crew), to snatch a brew. We suggest (more so for crew as these are more than a few hundred metres from course):

Torquay – SALTY DOG CAFE! They have the kiosk just next to the start line. In town,  Ginger Monkey do the best coffee.

Point Addis – we will have a coffee cart organised for Point Addis.

Anglesea – Minerva & The Bean at the northern end of Anglesea Main shopping strip; Old Maid’s ( opposite and just up from the Anglesea Transition!) or Four Kings, located on the other side of the Great Ocean Road, not long after you pass the Anglesea Aid Station, and before you start up the hill towards the Anglesea SLSC (the easiest for a quick nip off course coffee!)

Airey’s – The pub – well, have a beer (crew only), the Airey’s Draught is killer.

Fairhaven – the coffee cart at the Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club should be able to sort you out.

Are there water points along the course?

Yes there are water/aid stations stations / water points along the race route:

  • Waves Car Park, just prior to Bells Beach Car Park (10.7km)

  • Point Addis Car Park / transition (19.6km)

  • Anglesea River Mouth (27.6km / 8km)

  • Urquhart’s Beach Car Park (34.5km / 14.9km)

  • Finish, Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club (42.2km / 22.6km)

However, it is mandatory you carry your own hydration receptacle. To repeat the point above: carry a water bottle or hydration fuel belt/back pack to keep yourself sufficiently hydrated and with food. We also suggest this from an environmental standpoint, as we are trying to ensure the event is as low impact on the environment as possible. We will have biodegradable paper cups at hydration points, but prefer you to have a bottle / receptacle to refill, saving paper, trees, energy, waste – you want any more guilt, we can go on… just run with a bottle or bladder, okay? Everyone will point at you and laugh and accuse you of being an enviro-terrorist if you don’t). It is up to you if you want to carry a mobile phone or other clothing or first aid kit.

NOTE:  we will not have any cups at aid stations

What is at the aid stations?

Salvation. In the form of smiles and heart encouragement. Oh, and some water or Tailwind Nutrition. Plus the regular mix of lollies, M&Ms, chips, muesli bars and at later stations (Anglesea and Urquharts), some bread, jam/peanut butter/vegemite.

What do I get with my entry?

  • a sense of pride

  • PRIOR TO 31st MARCH: special freebie TBC

  • A sense of civic duty done and community goodwill – a good part of your entry fee goes towards GORCC (Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee) who manage trail maintenance and facilities en route, to Parks Victoria, and two the local Anglesea Primary School as a donation to assist with various programs.

  • Fully marked and signposted course

  • Medical and emergency support (Endurance Medical Services)

  • Professional timing and results (Tomato Timing)

  • A magnificent organised event on the Surf Coast Walking track allowing to experience the natural beauty of the landscape from Torquay to Fairhaven.

  • Marathoners and half marathoners will both receive a finishers medal

  • Water and lollies at the aid stations along with sponsor product – Tailwind Nutrition

  • Salt beer token from Rogue Wave Brewery, Aireys Pub (you will need to go to the after party!)

  • Entertainment at Aireys Pub – we have booked a special live band in Liz Violi and the Connotations – request ‘Crazy’. Nuff said.

  • Eligibility to receive spot prizes at presentations

  • Toilets

  • and of course bragging rights if you finish.

What if I want to cancel my entry?

Why would you want to do that? Oh..injured huh? If you want to cancel your entry, you must do so prior to 9th June, and have notified event organisers before COB on this date. Contact or call 0430 376 621. You will receive your entry fee in refund less a $30 administration fee.

If you withdraw from the event and notify the event organiser after 10th June, you will NOT receive a refund under any circumstances. Why? Well, it’s complex, but essentially a lot of the money that comes in from entry fees has already been spent well prior to race day on things like course logistics, insurance, materials, hiring of infrastructure, staff etc. Trust us, no one’s trying to diddle anyone here – we’re not in outdoor recreation industry to be millionaires, trust us! Feel free to chat to us about the ins and outs – we’re pretty honest peeps.

 And no, you cannot transfer your entry to a future event! Please do not ask as refusal seems to offend!

Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

Yes you can! You will however need to email, notifying

  • who is the runner pulling out

  • who is the entry being transferred to

  • email address

  • mobile phone

  • postal address

  • date of birth

  • emergency contact (name and mobile)

  • medicals

Can you enter on the day?

Yes. Please see event organisers prior to 8am, at the start of the Marathon course. Unfortunately there can be no last minute entries at the half marathon start.

Is there a limit of runners on the course?

Yes, there is a limit overall across all categories of race of 800.

Is there a bag drop off?

Yes. marathon runners wanting to drop off food/drink/clothing items at either the half way point at Point Addis or the finish line can do so. Please bring your own bag and tie it up with your name and race number displayed clearly and we will transport to the relevant half way point or finish line. You must mark the bag where the bag is to be dropped off, either “Point Addis” or “Finish”. There will be a designated zone for bag drops at those locations (and at the start for such).

For half marathon participants, we can take a bag for you to the “Finish”. Please mark your bags and have them ready at the start your race at Point Addis. Go to the bag drop off area at Point Addis.

Please don’t use boxes, bags will be easier to transport.

You can use your support crew also but we are offering this service if you don’t have support crew.

There is an area to the right hand side – a sloping driveway – that goes under the main Fairhaven SLSC building: this area will be used as the luggage collection point. 

Are there showers at the finish line?

There is some changeroom capacity at the Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club, although limited. We encourage those staying nearby to use your accommodation facilities where possible. If using the FSLSC rooms, please treat it with respect – we are guests of the club and would love to be invited back.

What happens at the finish line?

Aside from you hollering and hooting across the finishline, backflips and all? Well, we invited beyond to congratulate each and every competitor, and we’re waiting to hear back. But otherwise, there will be a inflatable arch set up on the beach as the finish line. The after race festivities (with or without Beyonce) will take place in the newly refurbished and rather awesome Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club where participants and spectators can a warm up and rehydrate (cough, drink beer) and perhaps enjoy dinner in comfort overlooking the spectacular beach and finish line.

There will be food and drink available at the Clubrooms throughout the day.

I forgot to book a bus ticket - what can I do?

You can access your registration to book a bus seat (or buy extra merchandise) by clicking here.

Can I swap from the marathon into the half marathon or vice versa?

Yes… all changes between distances can be done you you, via the Register Now entry system. Just find your confirmation email (check Junk Mail), find the ‘edit registration’ link (top right) and you will be able to make any changes required, including purchasing merchandise. We encourage upgrading (going from half to full), we discourage downshifting (mara to half) only cause you should toughen up. If you do downgrade your marathon entry to half , the Register Now system does not allow refunds of the difference in entry fee, sorry.

You can change details of your entry and/or purchase extra merchandise or book the bus seat you forgot to book by clicking here.

Can I get official photos from the run?

YES! Follow this link to Supersport Images’ home page, and enter your bib number. Photos should be uploaded on the Sunday / Monday post event. 

Whilst there's a variety of products, the Digital Photo Pack inclusive of all images will be $31.90 with the Digital Superpack (two versions of images ie one with border/time and one without), will be $42.90.

My family and friends are coming, are there spectator vantage points?

Yes there are several spectator spots along this course, possibly more so than any other marathon course in the universe. Seriously. A support crew could almost make a sport of ticking off the most and best speccie spots.

What are the age categories of the event?

  • u/18

  • 19 – 39

  • 40 – 49

  • 50 – 59

  • 60 +

Volunteers – my friend/family would like to help?

Yes please. There will be volunteer roles as course marshals, support at registration or TA’s. Please email or call 0430376621 to register your interest as a volunteer.

Are there cut off times?

Yes. There will be a cut off of 3.5hours at Point Addis (for marathoners, 12noon).

After that there will be no cut off, but we expect people to do more than walk.

Can I run with my dog or push a pram?

No. This is not Albert Park.

Do I have to cross any rivers or roads?

No, the only section of the course that is bitumen is a short stretch leading up to the car park at Point Addis and there will be course marshal at this section. There are no rivers to cross*, nor mountains to climb (beyond your own mental ones). There are a few car park entrances to cross – please do so with care. They will all be marshalled for runner safety.

*Okay, so this is a half truth – it depends on the weather. Usually at Anglesea river mouth the water does not run, so you go around the head of the ’river’ running on sand. HOWEVER, in 2017, with a storm surge, the river was running high and teh tidal waves were coming back the other direction meaning yes, people had to wade up to hip height! Ah the joys of trail running – it’s all about immersion in the environment, which sometimes means water! 

What about beach sections?

There will be several beach sections to run on, and depending on the tides and what time you reach particular sections, the tide may be high. There will always be sand to run on, although if tide is high, the sand will be softer and present more difficult running conditions. Beach sections are:

  • Fisherman’s Beach (1km)

  • Bells Beach (300m)

  • Point Addis beach (900m)

  • Guvvos-Urquhart’s Beach (3.3km)

  • Sunnymead (100m)

  • Fairhaven Beach (finish – 200m)

Can I cross the finish line with my team member?

Yes, if you are entered into the marathon in a team of 2, you are welcome to run across the finish line together. You can join your co-runner where the course drops back to the beach just before the finish line / Fairhaven Surf Lifesaving Club.

How much does it cost to enter?

  • $135 for the marathon + online (Register Now) fees

  • $85 for half marathon + online (Register Now) fees

  • $150 for the team relay (covers both runners) + online (Register Now) fees

Before you ask, this is pretty comparable to many other trail marathon events. Most other marathons cost as much or more, but don’t get a FREE CAP for nix (if entered prior 10 April). If you enter after 10 April, well more’s the fool you slow poke. It’s still decent value. And you can buy a cap/tee/hoodie/shoe bag.

I like ‘stuff’ – can I win ‘stuff’?

Maybe. If you run the course backwards. Or can tell us an amazing story about overcoming some depths of human adversity to now be running the  trails. Seriously? You want to win ‘stuff’, huh?

Okay, here at race HQ we have decided that while we appreciate ‘winners’ and their dedication to training and hurting and all that, essentially we are hippies who yearn for a time when the Dream Team was not allowed to compete in the Olympics, it being an amateur field of athletic endeavour back then and all. So in the spirit of rewarding the spirit rather than the bank account or gear cupboard we’ll award trophies of sorts to:

>> Overall marathon winners will get their name on a perpetual surfboard trophy that will hang somewhere on the Surf Coast. Worse case scenario, the winners are welcome to come to the Tour de Trails HQ studio in Anglesea and admire it hanging on the wall until it gets dragged out next year…we’ll even make you a damn fine latte while we have a group admiration session and yack over the tough times on trail.

>> Trophies – will be awarded to first place for the marathon (men/women), half marathon (men/women) and team marathon (overall). These trophies are collectibles, being hand crafted and shaped by local Anglesea artists Cinnamon and Rowan Stephens.

>> Prizes  - will be awarded to

Male Marathon 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Female Marathon 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Male Half Marathon 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Female Half Marathon 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Team Marathon – overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd

>> Random runners we fling spot prizes out on no particular basis whatsoever. Randomness is after all part of the beauty of running wild.

>> Category (age group) placings will be recognised as such via Tomato Timing results posted shortly after the race. Unfortunately we do not have enough prizes to award to all category placings (that’d be another 84 prizes!)

Do I have to pay for parking?

No, there will be parking available at the start line on the foreshore in the designated parking area/s or alternatively parking is available in the surrounding streets. Please adhere to street parking rules. It is recommended that you utilises the bus shuttle service (pre booking required) and leave your car at the start line or your accommodation anywhere between Fairhaven and Torquay and get a lift to the start line. If not catching the (pre booked) bus, we encourage car pooling. PLEASE NOTE that last year, people did get fined for parking outside the legitimate spaces at Point Addis. WE WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYONE PARKING ILLEGALLY, EVEN IF YOU ARE LATE TO THE START LINE!

Can I go to the toilet on course?

Please use the toilets provided and/or located at the transition areas along the course. There are also numerous public toilets located along the Surf Coast Walk, which we encourage you to use to spread the, ahem, load. Please DO NOT go to the toilet in the bush.

Is there any reason the event might be cancelled?

  • The event will take place on Saturday 29 June 2019 in all weather conditions UNLESS it is considered unsafe in extreme weather conditions. The event organiser will notify all participants if the event is considered unsafe and endeavour to reschedule the event to another date – at this stage that being the weekend after . All participants entry will be credited towards the new date of the event. Unfortunately full refunds can not be made in the event of a cancellation / rescheduling.

  • In the unlikely situation of the event having to be cancelled outright, the event organiser will endeavor to refund a percentage of your entry fee after all the event costs have been accounted for.

  • The event organiser has the right to change any of the course or time schedule due to weather conditions.

  • Any changes to the schedule or format of the event will be updated on the event website, Facebook and emailed to registered participants.

Is there a celebration afterwards – I like to party? 

OH YES! Get along to the Aireys Pub, located about 2km back along the Great Ocean Road from the finish line.

Yep, it’ll be a banger. Come and enjoy some awesome grub, boutique ales from the Rogue Wave micro brewery on site and some kicking live music! There’s going to be some moves made (talking to you Mat Dore and Andrew Shaw!) and with any luck a return of the Buckfast tradition (don’t ask).

LIVE BAND: (TBC) we’ll again have a live band rocking the mic and getting the groove on.

FREE BEER! Yes you read correctly, all (over age) race goers will get on free ‘Salt’ lager to be redeemed at Aireys Pub Saturday or Sunday of race weekend. Check out a review of the Rogue Wave and Salt beer HERE. YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR RACE BIB TO CLAIM YOUR FREE BEER. PRESENT AT THE BAR SATURDAY or SUNDAY!

GREAT MEAL DEALS: Aireys Pub will have a special meal deal going TBC for all those with a race bib!

The Party starts whenever you get there (but we’ll be there from about 7pm! Band on sometime after dinner). We’d love for you to come. Some spot prizes on the night in the band room… Live music starts at 8pm.

Does God exist?

We have no idea, but if he/she/it does, we reckon he/she/it will be found running trails somewhere. Maybe on the Surf Coast. Or at the Aireys Pub, drinking Rogue Wave and getting down to the Connotations…

Should I train?

Preferably. It has been scientifically proven to assist in the completion of a marathon or half marathon. Having said that, there was this one time that we didn’t train at all…oh, actually, no that really, really hurt. Train fool.